Welcome to GFCF

Welcome to the new site of the twenty plus year old UBC lecture series called the UBC Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum. It is an important ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue of issues related to faith and culture, faith and science. You will also find some info and archives/downloads at gfcf-ubc.ca for some time to come.

Here at this site, you will find news on upcoming events, commentary and reading suggestions (books, articles,  related websites) to complement the live lectures, panels and discussions. We invite in top scholars from other campuses such as Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Harvard and MIT as well as giving opportunity to people in our local universities.

The blog dimension will also allow more feedback and ongoing discussion between events. It will offer us a chance to get to know each other more within the UBC academic community. There are both posts (dynamic) and pages (static details).

This series is sponsored by a committee of Christian graduate students and faculty at University of British Columbia in Vancouver, B.C. and recieves some of its key funding from the UBC Murrin Foundation. GFCF invites the entire campus to these discussions and debates while targeting faculty and graduate students in particular. Questions are welcome following the presentations.

The GFCF Committee

Dr. Craig Mitton, Senior Scientist at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation UBC cmitton@telus.net

Dr. Martin Barlow, Professor of Mathematics, UBC barlow@math.ubc.ca Dr. Olav Slaymaker, Emeritus Geography, UBC olav@geog.ubc.ca

Dr. Dennis Danielson, Professor of English, UBC danielso@interchange.ubc.ca

Dr. Judith Toronchuk, Retired Professor of Biopsychology, TWU   toronchu@twu.ca

Dr. Olav Slaymaker, Professor Emeritus geography, UBC  olav.slaymaker@geog.ubc.ca

Dr. Tim Huh, Sauder School of Business    tim.huh@sauder.ubc.c

Dr. Gordon Carkner, OC Grad & Faculty Staff @ UBC gcarkner@shaw.ca

http://ubcgfcf.com   GFCF 2012-13 Activities

http://www.gfcf-ubc.ca   GFCF Download Archives

http://ubcgcu.org Graduate Christian Union (Check out our fall retreat on Bowen Island)



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