Ian Hutchinson, Plasma Physicist

Professor Nuclear Science &

Engineering, MIT

Monopolizing Knowledge: Scientism’s Inconsistent Rejection of Faith.   

Wednesday, January 23, 4:00 pm, Woodward IRC, Room 5

 Monopolising Knowledge UBC lecture by Ian Hutchinson


Room was packed; solid presentation and lively question period. Other places to hear ian this week: www.csca.ca/events/event/ian-hutchinson-monopolizing-knowledge/

Extremely good presentation. Dr.Hutchinson was very clear and gracious in the question period as well. Larry Reimer

Ian’s book Monopoloizing Knowledge is available in the Regent Bookstore at UBC

The lecture was very clear, encouraging and quite positive commented a number of faculty and graduate students. We will post a link soon where you can see and hear it.


The widespread question of scientism—the belief that science is all 
the real knowledge that exists—is responsible for much of the modern 
suspicion of science. It also underlies the feisty neo-atheist arguments
 against religion.  MIT professor, Ian Hutchinson, shows how scientism 
is a weak understanding of knowledge and one of  the primary causes of the 
current culture wars.  As one holds scientism under critical scrutiny, it enables a principled intellectual
 reconciliation of science with religious faith, but also with other 
academic disciplines such as the humanities.

Biography  http://www.psfc.mit.edu/people/hutch/

Dr. Ian Hutchinson holds a Ph.D.  in Engineering Physics from the Australian National University. He is presently Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at the
 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He and his research group
 are international leaders exploring the confinement of plasmas hotter 
than the sun’s center aimed at producing practical energy for society 
from controlled nuclear fusion reactions, the power source of the
 stars. He is an active Christian and has written and spoken widely to 
university audiences on the topic of science and 
Christian belief. His new book, Monopolizing Knowledge, exposes the presumptions of scientism, an ideology which often is confused with genuine scientific research.

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This event has been sponsored in part by the Canadian Science & Christian Affiliation and the Vancouver Area Science and Religion Forum

Talk by William Lane Craig called “Does a Fine-tuned Universe Point to a Cosmic Designer?” at UBC on March 6, 2013: http://youtu.be/LtupHkRKimc